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“All that is solid melts into Air is shown in a room with two screens on both sides; when entering the room it’s that dark, that you take extra care not to step on people that might be laying or sitting there. One screen is a documentary on the Niger delta in Nigeria, where resistance fighters and slum inhabitants talk about their poverty, despair and why they think they should get a share of the oil revenues of Shell.

On the other side there are scenes from the New York Stock Exchange, where the traders are shouting with the stock prices at the background. Their movements become almost ritualised: traders in yellow jackets, young, well shaven guys shouting and gesticulating at each other, trying ‘to make a deal’.”


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Ben Shalom Bernanke y Co han instrumentado un diluvio global de dólares-chatarra, la mayor calamidad a inicios del siglo XXI, como desesperada medida paliativa para salvar a la banca de Wall Street de su ineluctable insolvencia.

La suprema crueldad del Götterdämmerung global de los teólogos del monetarismo centralbanquista neoliberal, ultraconcentrado en el sionismo financiero mundial, radica en desear arrastrar a los demás en su naufragio.


Alfredo Jalife-Rahme, Bajo la Lupa, La Jornada, 7 de nov de 2010